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September 2023: Social Media Updates You Need To Know

September 2023: Social Media Updates You Need To Know

1. LinkedIn

Early last week, LinkedIn published an article highlighting their findings of a global survey they had conducted. In that survey, more than 29,000 global professionals were asked about their feeling towards AI in the workplace.

Here are the key highlights from that survey:

  • 9 of 10 professionals are excited about AI but half admit they need to know more.
    • 58% believe AI will significantly change how they work in the next year
    • 84% believe AI will help them in their career progression
    • 46% are currently using AI at work & 36% are testing AI tools like ChatGPT
    • Jobs mentioning GPT/ChatGPT have gone up 21x since November 2022.

  • It is perceived that AI will enhance both work-life balance & skills.
    • 45% believe AI will make their jobs easier
    • 45% say they plan to use AI to improve work-life balance, 39% to learn new skills & 44% to focus on tasks they enjoy more.

For a more detailed look at recent LinkedIn data, you can check this report (Preparing the Workforce for Generative AI).  

  • Over one-third surveyed, worry about falling behind in AI technology & 56% don’t know how to use it at work.
    • 49% are worried they should know more about AI than they do
    • 39% are anxious about the change AI may bring to their jobs in future
    • 39% pretended to know more about AI in front of teammates
    • Problem-solving, strategic thinking & time management are top skills professionals think will become more important as AI becomes more widely used at work.

LI has seen a 65% year-over-year increase in LI learning hours for the top 100 AI-related courses and this is likely to increase in the near future, if not longer.

Data/Methodology – LinkedIn August 2023 survey comprised more than 29,000 global professionals across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, India, France, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Italy, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, UAE and Japan.

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2. Meta

The Impact of Metaverse Technology on Teaching, Training, and Society

Earlier this month, Meta announced the societal impact of using Metaverse Technologies. Based on the definitions I came across (from professionals in the Tech field), in my opinion, it does not seem to be simple to explain. The basic thoughts were similar BUT with a few additional variations/perceptions offered. 

While I have not quite succinctly landed what the definition of Metaverse is, what I can tell you is that it includes AR, MR & VR – Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality*, respectively. Definitions will follow towards the end of this section of the article that will hopefully help shed some light. 

So, what does this Metaverse/Immersive Technology mean for society? 

In summary, Meta stated the following:

  • Virtual, mixed and augmented reality have the power to impact professionals in varied industries including surgeons, athletes, industrial workers, and more  

  • These types of Technologies also known as Immersive technologies are transforming education, training and society at large.

As Richard Vincent, CEO & Co-Founder, FundamentalVR stated:

Studies have shown a remarkable improvement in the quality of training and patient outcomes when using immersive surgical training. Our virtual learning platform, Fundamental Surgery, enables medical teams to perfect their precision skills in a risk-free environment, instilling confidence in them to operate in real-life scenarios with the utmost competence.

The impact & benefits to be derived in the Medical field are huge. Can you imagine a world in which Doctors no longer earn their Internship experience via practicing on a real human being, with all the inherent risks? With VR Technology, they can now

  • practice surgery in a realistic, risk-free way
  • have access where advanced surgical training is/was previously limited.

This technology is already being used, as we write and is no longer a dream of the future nor a scene from a sci-fi movie. The impact IMO is “priceless”. 

Similarly Athletes with injuries have the ability in a VR setting to enhance their “skills without straining” themselves while having greater confidence. In the Education sector, the interactive component adds so much more to the learning process as well as helping increase the confidence levels of students. 

For the full article on Metaverse/Immersive Technology, click the link below: 

The positive impact of Immersive technologies is already apparent, and as Metaverse technologies continue to progress, we expect even more opportunities will emerge to maximize the benefits of these innovations.

Since most people are aware what VR – Virtual Reality- is, I will start with that definition and elaborate on what Augmented and Mixed Realities are. 

Virtual Reality – a computer generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real, giving the user/viewer, the feeling of being immersed in that virtual surrounding. This perception is achieved with the use of a Virtual Reality headset or helmet. 

Augmented Reality  – the use of software, apps and hardware such as AR glasses that overlays digital content onto real-life environments and objects. The result is an interactive experience that enhances the real world with computer generated virtual images. 

Mixed Reality – a blend of both the physical and digital worlds based on advancements in computer vision, graphical processing, cloud computing and more. 


3. Tiktok

Sep 6 to Oct 3, 2023 is Fashion Month 

TikTok is where fashion & beauty creators showcase their latest designs, championing sustainable fashion and more. Throughout 2023, #TikTokFashion and #BeautyTok global views increased by 300%, to date, bringing together one of the fastest-growing & dynamic communities on TT. For Fashion month, TT has introduced a couple features, highlighted below.

The first-ever global #TikTokFashion Collective

TikTok’s global community of over 1 billion people discover new trends, are inspired by them and are driven by the creators on TikTok. This has helped redefine the industry while making fashion more relatable and accessible to those who previously would not have had the opportunity. 

The company stated: 
“To celebrate the impact of our global creator community, we’re thrilled to introduce the first-ever #TikTokFashion Collective: creators from around the world who are creatives, designers, and fashion thinkers, shaping the future of fashion….. From models and photographers to emerging designers ……, the #TikTokFashion Collective is next-gen talent representing some of the most exciting voices breaking into the industry, and reimagining fashion through authenticity, self-expression, and creativity.”

For more on who will be appearing etc., click the link below.

The Fashion Month Hub
For this year’s Fashion Month, a Fashion Month Hub was created to make discovery even simpler. One can access the Hub by searching keywords like “Fashion Month” or “Fashion Week” which will also feature tailored tabs, including “From the Runway”, “Trending,” and “Behind the Scenes”. These would  help fashionistas zone in and discover exactly what they’re looking for.

That concludes our Social Media updates for now.  Hope you found this information to be useful. If so, stay tuned for more from us on a regular basis. In the meantime, stay well and safe!

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