Exciting New Updates & Features on Facebook for Businesses and Creators

If you’ve been following Facebook, you’d know that it’s been a busy summer for the Facebook team. Facebook has easily overtaken many other platforms by integrating automation, and monetization for businesses and creators. With lots of new features, and updates, there seems to be no signs of rest for Facebook. Here...

Instagram Reels Vs. TikTok: How is Instagram Reels different from TikTok

Instagram Reels Vs Tik Tok Facebook debut Instagram Reels, short form mobile video sharing capacity on Instagram app this month. Instagram Reels allows you to record and edit your short form video clips on your phone with filter, text, easy transition, music as you are creating the video right from...

5 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

E-commerce sites have taken retail online and with such its audience. Once representatives used to be able to physically approach customers to see if they needed their assistance, now when visitors are on a website many companies are not aware of their existence unless the visitor makes contact.

Social Media News Weekly

Any enterprise that wants to increase its customer base by sending mobile messages should keep certain basic marketing rules in mind. When it is a startup, knowing such marketing tips becomes all the more important. Today, we reveal 6 most important SMS marketing tips, especially for the startups.