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Social Media Updates You Need to Know

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, social media platforms are constantly introducing new features, algorithms, and trends. In this blog, we will explore new features and updates that can help you optimize your social media presence and engage with your audience more effectively.

1. Meta introduces exciting features for Facebook creators

Meta is launching an “Inspiration Hub” on the Facebook Professional Dashboard to empower creators in optimizing their Reels content. Similar to TikTok’s trend notes, this hub provides valuable insights on top trends and shifts for enhanced Reels performance.
Source: SocialMediaToday

Additionally, Meta introduces a “Templates Hub” for easy access to popular Reels templates. They are also integrating reels text, audio, and music options into a single editing window on the Facebook mobile app, simplifying the creative process. These updates enable creators to maximize their reels creation efforts with ease.
Source: SocialMediaToday

  1. New courses available on TikTok Academy’s Learning Resource

TikTok has expanded its ‘TikTok Academy’ learning resource, offering 17 courses to help users maximize the platform’s features. The recent addition of five new units further boosts understanding and provides valuable insights. These latest additions are:

  • Celebrating Diverse Cultures on TikTok-discover effective strategies for engaging with diverse communities on TikTok
  • Developing Always-Engaged Strategies– optimize your TikTok presence by refining your strategies for paid, organic, and creator-led content approaches.
  • TikTok Fundamentals– developing more effective TikTok ad campaigns
  • Creative Codes– this course explores six TikTok content best practices that captivate your audience and yield results.
  • Lead Generation– get more leads from your TikTok marketing efforts.
    Source: SocialMediaToday

  1. Instagram expands broadcast channels and tests new options for creators

Instagram has globally expanded its broadcast channels tool, providing creators with a powerful means to engage with their followers on a larger scale. In addition to unveiling the functionality, the Meta-owned platform has shed light on its features. Notably, creators can leverage voice notes to share exclusive updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses. Furthermore, Instagram broadcast channels facilitate the creation of polls, enabling creators to gather valuable feedback from their fans. It’s worth noting that only creators have the ability to send messages in these channels, while followers can react to content and participate in polls.
Source: SocialMediaToday

  1. Twitter conducts testing for DM restrictions within the App

Twitter is developing an anti-spam measure, or a Twitter Blue incentive, based on recent discoveries in the app’s code. The platform intends to introduce stricter limitations on who can send direct messages (DMs), reserving the ability for Twitter Blue subscribers to send DM requests to non-followers.

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi has shared a screenshot of a pop-up, providing a glimpse of Twitter’s upcoming DM restrictions. These restrictions would prevent users from sending direct messages (DMs) to others who are not already following them on the app.

  1. LinkedIn introduces enhanced notification filters for engagement prioritization

LinkedIn is set to launch an update that lets users sort their notification stream based on post interactions and mentions. This feature will provide a convenient way to stay updated on the most relevant updates within the app.

Source: SocialMediaToday

LinkedIn users are now being introduced to new filters, “My Posts” and “Mentions” in their notifications stream. As shared by app researcher Radu Oncescu, these filters simplify the process of sorting engagement indicators and prioritizing interactions.

Additionally, according to Lindsey Gamble, this update opens the possibility for LinkedIn to introduce more tabs in the future, such as notifications from top creators. This expansion aims to enhance engagement with influential individuals on the platform.

Stay tuned for more exciting social media updates that will help you leverage innovative features, build your brand, connect with your audience, and thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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