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3 Ways To Leverage Your Instagram Shop For The Holiday Season

As we approach the holiday shopping season, learn how to utilize Instagram shop to maximize your sales by tapping into the engagement of potential customers browsing on your feed. Setting up your Shop is simple. Get the full breakdown here.

Shopping post are organic posts, with the exception that when users tap on the post, the product names and prices are revealed. When they click the tags that pop up, they are taken to a product detail page with a CTA where they are directed to a landing page. 

Once your shop is set up, it’s time to start building your brand and content to bring in those sales. Use these three tips to help you leverage your shoppable content.

1. Make Your Content Actionable

People engage with shoppable photos and videos all throughout the app. Make sure you’re using all available features – Stories, Feed, Reels & IGTV – to build shopping behaviours.

Use clear ‘call to action’ to tell people how to shop your products and update your profile bio to communicate how to shop your content now that you are on Instagram Shop.

2. Find Your Brand Voice

Brand voice is the way you respond to customers, and is defined by your brand’s style of communication. Your brand voice is directed to your target audience so make it unique to your brand values and persona. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, there is no template for your brand. You have to build your brand and content with the same tone and voice your followers love.

3. Plan Ahead


Use a calendar, and mark down important dates and plan your products and content in advance. Use that to your advantage to promote future sales, or new product launches.

To learn more about Facebook/Instagram shop click here.

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