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Social Media News: Facebook launches eCommerce Accelerator programs for Start-ups

Facebook will look to support new commerce functionalities via its Accelerator Program

Facebook announced a new, specific eCommerce function within its startup accelerator program this week, which will provide training and support to new commerce startups that are looking to improve the online shopping experience.

Facebook hopes to address commerce solutions through their Commerce Accelerator program such as:

  •  Technology that makes it easy for companies to upload and manage inventory online

  • Product catalog functionality and intelligence 

  • Enrich the online shopping experience through informed purchasing decisions 

  • New and interesting solutions that drives innovative and enhanced shopping experience

With the full launch of Facebook and Instagram Shops, the big social network hopes to make it easier for retailers to sell products directly on two of the most used social apps in the world with their new program. 

Start-ups working towards an eCommerce can apply to be part of the program here.  

Google expands access to its business messaging tools to search and maps

You can now facilitate direct messaging from customer via maps and search listings for your businesses on Google. 

Now you are able to integrate Business Messages directly with your customer service platforms. Google first launched business messaging back in 2017, but was limited to certain regions and business types. Today, all brands are able to add messaging thru their Google My Business listings. 

Google is also adding smart replies and customizable welcome messages to improve the messaging experience. Through automation tools, businesses can add quick responses that will enable searchers to get answers to key questions direct from the brand. 

Google adds new Predicted Audience Action tools into Google analytics

Analytics will now suggest new predictive audience that you can create in the Audience Builder.

How does it work? The process uses Google’s advance prediction capacity, based on your website data to evaluate the likely response action from each visitor.  

In order for this to work, your website needs to be connected to Google Analytics, and also have benchmarking enabled within your data-sharing options. Website also needs to be collecting purchases events data, while Google’s systems also needs a lot of activity to provide accurate predictions. 

You can also use Google’s predictive metrics within your general marketing research process. Using the analysis module within Google Analytics, the data can showcase which of your campaigns helped you acquire users with the highest purchase probability, based on the same calculations.  

Read more about Google’s predictive capabilities here

Snapchat adds Brand Profiles as it looks to expand its business appeal

Brand Profiles offers a permanent home for brands on Snapchat, bringing various brand experience for Snapchat users together into a single home on Snapchat. 

Brand profiles will enable brands to showcase:

  • Brand AR Lenses 

  • Highlights 

  • Story posts

  • Native Store 

Read more about Snapchat business profiles here.

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